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Free Patterns - Eerily beautiful Eyeballs

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about the design

Halloween is coming ... Do you need a nice decoration option for Halloween? Crochet bloody eyeballs. The eyes are quickly crocheted and are also suitable as a small gift. Have fun with this pattern.



· Cotton yarn:


-color for the iris


· Safety Eyes individual size

· crochet hook US B (1); UK 14 (2 mm) and US B (1); UK 12 (2,5 mm)

· Toy Stuffing


video tutorial



yarn: color of your choice and white

- start with the iris / back loop only

Round 0: magic ring with 6 sc = 6 st

Round 1: inc every sc = 12 st

Round 2: inc every 2nd sc = 18 st

Round 3: inc every 3rd sc = 24 st

- change the color to white

Round 4: sc into sc = 24 st

- single crochets in both loops

Round 5: inc every 4th sc = 30 st

Round 6: inc every 5th sc = 36 st

Round 7 to 10: sc into sc x 4 = 36 st

- attach safety eyes / in the middle of the magic ring

Round 11: dec every 5th with 6th sc = 30 st

Round 12: dec every 4th with 5th sc = 24 st

Round 13: dec every 3rd with 4th sc = 18 st

Round 14: dec every 2nd with 3rd sc = 12 st

- fill the eye with toy stuffing

Round 15: dec every 1st with 2nd sc = 6 st

- pass the sewing needle through the 6 stitches, tighten and hide the yarn

Blood Veins

yarn: red

pic 1: start: slip stitch on the iris and 3 chain stitches

pic 2: now skip 2 stitches of your choice

crochet a slip stitch to attach the vein

pic 3: 3 chain stitches again and fasten at a desired point with a slip stitch

pic 4: repeat this step 3-4 times around the eye

pic 5: sew up the end yarn

Bild 6: in the end all veins meet at the end of the round; crochet a chain

space with 10-15 chain stitches


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